75 Years of Family, Food & Fun - And Counting!

About Shubie's - 1948


We wouldn’t be here today without George’s dad, and Dougy’s grandfather, Bill Shube. He opened Shubie’s in 1948 with a 500-square-foot shop on Atlantic Avenue and a special selection of wine, spirits, and packaged goods.

About Shubie's - 1973


For the next 25 years, Bill worked hard to turn Shubie’s into a trusted neighborhood favorite with a reputation for quality and great service. Bill passed away in 1973, but his legacy has guided us ever since.

About Shubie's - 1977


Bill’s wife, Sylvia, ran Shubie’s until George graduated college and came home to Marblehead to take over the family business. Passionate about wine, travel, and culture, George started to build a more unique wine selection at Shubie’s, including his favorite finds from around the world.

About Shubie's - 1986


Our first big move! Shubie’s relocated across Atlantic Ave to a 2,500-square-foot store with more room for packaged goods and George’s ever-expanding wine and spirits collection. He closed Saturday night and reopened Monday morning across the street! 

About Shubie's - 1994 - Carol


George’s wife, Carol, also shaped Shubie’s into the destination we are today. When Carol suggested we start offering specialty foods, George was on board with one parameter: no perishables. Well, that didn’t last long! By ‘95, we’d rented the other side of our building to double our size (5,000 square feet!) and make way for new treats: cheese, gourmet products, a bakery, and gifts. Plus, starting with just a hot plate, we hired our first executive chef!

About Shubie's - 1994 - Doug


The third generation joins the family business! At age 5, Dougy was our youngest cashier, helping George push the big green button to open the register. An important steward of Shubie’s today, Dougy’s dedication to exceptional service comes from these early years in training – and his passion for learning, good food, and great hospitality might have something to do with it, too!

About Shubie's - 2005


A huge labor of love, a huge investment, and a huge move for Shubie’s: we purchased property and built our current 10,000-square-foot store on Atlantic Ave. With this new location came an opportunity George and Carol had been dreaming of: the chance to make Shubie’s not just a store, but a community gathering place.

About Shubie's - 2006


Our executive chef, Lynne Aronson, helped bring George and Carol’s community vision to life with our first iteration of The Foodbar. What started with a small counter and 5 stools is now the central hub of our store! As more families, friends, and neighbors gathered at The Foodbar, we’ve added a comfortable cafe, an outdoor patio, and made Shubie’s BYOB, too!

Kate Hammond image


Shubie’s welcomed our next executive chef, Kate Hammond, who’s also made such an important mark on us. After owning The Grapevine of Salem – one of the North Shore’s most beloved restaurants and an all-time favorite of Carol and George’s – Chef Kate was ready for a fun, new challenge. Enter Shubie’s! She’s guided our kitchen and delighted our guests ever since.

About Shubie's - 2020


We were filled with profound gratitude for our customers and the trust they placed in us during the pandemic – and we always will be. Without a doubt, Shubie’s made it through those incredibly difficult times because of our community. Their unabiding love and support mean so much to us.

About Shubie's - 2023


Shubie’s turned 75! We were so busy making big changes that we barely stopped to celebrate. After 18 years in our current store, we wanted to make it even more fun to eat, drink, be merry, and shop at Shubie’s. Exciting renovations ensued…and continued! We also updated our brand with a fresh and friendly new logo and designs that share what Shubie’s is all about.

About Shubie's - And Counting

And counting

3 generations later, we still take as much pride in the quality and care Shubie’s provides as Bill did... but now we’re a team of 60! An important part of our family, past and present, our knowledgeable staff works hard to make Shubie’s more fun and delicious with every visit. But we wouldn’t be where we are today without our beloved community supporting us every step of the way. Thank you. You are truly the heart of Shubie’s!

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